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Pet Care

Our furry companions deserve the same high quality, natural healthcare as we do. Puppies, kittens, adult pets and our elderly fur friends will all find a Himalaya product to suit their wellness needs.

Antibacterial: Scavon’s bactericidal action controls infections. Antifungal properties that is responsible for effectively treating and preventing the recurrence of fungal infections. Wound healing: Scavon promotes collagenization (the replacement of tissues or fibrin by collagen) and epithelialization (the formation of the epithelium over the skin’s surface). It is effective in treating a variety of wounds such as abrasions, cuts, lacerations and incisions. Indications: • Infective and non infective wounds. • Maggot wound. • Surgical wounds. • Supportive in sarcoptic and psoroptic mange (skin infections caused by mite infestation). • Dermatomycosis (fungal infections).
Scavon Vet Cream

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