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Our Technology

Since the incorporation of SAIL, we have always invested in the latest technology and in plant & equipment from Europe and around the world. This in turn guarantees quality products to our customers.

Innovation for success

SAIL has its own Research & Development (R&D) department for the purpose of developing and testing products. Our R&D department plays an important role in helping us reach the highest quality standards while at the same time achieving full customer satisfaction.

The main objective of our R&D department is to drive innovation in designing environment-friendly and efficient products in the FMCG
segment. The efficiency of our products rests on
the selection of top quality raw materials.

Our R&D technicians carry out the laboratory work
of researching and optimising our products as
well as analysing and anticipating market trends
from around the world.

To-date, SAIL has continuously invested in modern & work-safe equipment in a broad range of processing and packaging operations. Our factory has significantly increased
its production capacity and range thanks to its policy of diligently investing in plant and machinery.

We are constantly looking out for opportunities to develop new solutions for our clients and aim to do this in a responsible and sustainable manner.

This reflects our position as a key Mauritian manufacturer in the Soap & Detergents industry.

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